Dolav IBC1000 Bulk Bin


Please Note:

  • There are many different types of combinations of customisations available. Please refer to the Customisations tab for what is available.
  • Please be wary that some combinations of customisations are not available.
  • Please be wary that adding certain features to a bin may change its dimensions. (Example, adding wheels/lid will increase the bin’s total height)

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  • Hygienic all plastic design
  • Easily customized without losing structural integrity
  • 4 way forklift and pallet jack entry
  • Interlocking foot design for safe stacking
  • Reinforced base to prevent sagging
  • Reinforced side walls provide extra support and allows safe stacking with a total load of 4,000 Kg maximum stack load
  • Non porous surface prevents mould or bacteria growth
  • Available with lids
  • Available in solid or vented

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  • Rounded corners avoid harm to handlers and assures easy handling
  • One of the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the world
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and product protection
  • Modified to suit custom application
  • Accessible 4 way entry by operator
  • One piece moulding results in constant liquid measurements and hygienic storage
Technical Specifications

  • – 40 C to + 60 C temperature resistant
  • 8 high stacking when full
  • HDPE moulding
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion and UV exposure
  • Moulded in food grade (FDA & USDA) approved material

Specification Sheet

Additional information


Solid, Vented


440mm, 540mm, Standard (740mm), 1000mm, 1140mm, 1260mm


Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Grey


No Lid, Include Lid


No Door, Upper, Lower, Removable Door


No Opening, Include Opening


No Wheels, Castors, Stackable, Dolly

Rotating Facility

No Rotating Facility, Include Rotating Facility


No Drainage, Port, Valve


1000mm, Standard (1200mm), 2160mm


600mm, Standard (1000mm), 1200mm


Castors Company Logo Dolly Frame Door Lower
Castors or wheels are attached to each bin to enable quick movement of Dolav bulk bins Identification Logo Used to quickly and easily push or pull Dolav bulk bins Enables easy access when loading or unloading goods inside a Dolav bulk bin.
Door Upper Open Wall Removable Door Rotating Facility
Enables easy access when loading or unloading goods inside a Dolav bulk bin Enables easy access when loading or unloading goods inside a Dolav bulk bin Enables easy access when loading or unloading goods inside a Dolav bulk bin Specifically designed for rotating heavy duty products.
Tap Lid
Used for easy drainage of the Dolav bulk bin Enables safe stacking up to 8 high with lid on

Technical Specs

Industry Application

Coca Cola

Coca Cola wanted to replace heavy iron cage boxes to a plastic lightweight and heavy duty transport and storage bulk bin.

The Dolav bulk bin was customised by removing a wall and adding a strap to meet loading and unloading requirements as specified by Coca Cola.

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