Ergonomic Hand Scraper


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This scraper with an angled ergonomic handle is used for scraping smooth surfaces. This is to loosen stubbon dirt like pastry; chocolate; burnt food; etc. The nylon blade can be used on sensitive surfaces to avoid scratch damage; e.g. painted equipment and sensitive conveyor belts, while the stainless steel blade can be used on hot surfaces. The angled handle keeps the operators hand away from the heat.

NYLON: 105mm Wide Blade
Stainless Steel: 90mm Wide Blade

Additional information

Blade Material

Nylon, Stainless Steel


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White

Technical Specs


Dimensions 240mm x 105mm x 60mm
Material PP / NL / PA
Temperature (°C) 121
FDA Approved YES

Stainless Steel

Dimensions 240mm x 90mm x 60mm
Material PP / SS
Temperature (°C) 121
FDA Approved YES