MV-800 Pallet


Please Note:

  • Please be wary that some combinations of customisations are not available.
  • Please be wary that adding certain features to a bin may change its dimensions. (Example, adding wheels/lid will increase the bin’s total height)
  • Available Colours: Light Grey, Green, Yellow, Blue.

Please inquire for further details.


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Standard (Multi-version) Perforated box Pallet MV-800 With Three Runners
• Standard type or reinforced racking type
• 3 upper deck options
• 7 lower deck options
• Great racking performance
• One-piece integrated injection moulded pallet gives improved strength and hygiene of box and pallets.
• HDPE structural foam technology
• Fully recyclable
• Enhanced runners for heavy-duty use
• Excellent performance for extreme temps. –40ºC up to 60ºC
• Long life span
• Multi-version options allow you to select the best solution according to your specific requirements
• RFID compatible

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Solid, Vented, Anti-Slip


Standard, Reinforced


No Runners (9 Feet), Runners

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