SEBO G1 / G2 Professional



Lightweight and effective carpet care with essential features makes this vacuum cleaner perfect for a smaller operator.

The single motor SEBO PROFESSIONAL G2 is lightweight and ensures effortless deep cleaning of large and small areas. Ideal for hotels, hospitals and nursing homes where Operator comfort and high performance filtration is paramount.

Depending on the pile height, you can adjust the brush manually to 4 levels. The equipped warning system and automatic shut-off capability are designed to alert the user to machine problems such as clogs, full bag and brush obstruction.

To remove the brush roller for cleaning or replacing no tools are required. Integrated accessories are conveniently stored on the machine and can be adapted to the telescopic hose and wand. The SEBO PROFESSIONAL G comes with the 3-step filtration system including the powerful SEBO S-class filtration that results in 99,9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns, making it the perfect choice for customers with allergies and asthma.

This manual height adjust vacuum is the Professional Housekeepers’ Choice.


S-Class Filtration Cleaning

High quality, electrostatic charged micro-fibre material, attracts and captures dust particles from the airflow, removing greater than 99.9% of allergens from the carpet and ambient air. Recommended for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers.

Rubber Wheels and Bumper for Protection

Rubber wheels and bumpers surrounding the machine ensures that none of your valuable furniture, or belongings are damaged when vacuuming around the premises.

Flat To The Floor Profile

With the flat to the floor profile, the SEBO G2 vacuum cleaner is able to get under beds, couches, and tables with ease. This allows the full force of the power-head to give a spectacular cleaning experience.

100% Hair Pickup

G2 picks up persistent pet hairs, lint and threads. The power brush has an electronic alert system, which indicates the correct height setting for optimum cleaning performance. Simply push a button and the brush roller can be taken out, cleaned or exchanged with ease.

Hygienic Bag Disposal

Top-fill, multi-layer bags are an integral part of SEBO’s filtration system because they ensure continuously strong suction as all dirt enters from the top, deposits at the bottom, accumulates upward, and air exits through the sides, which allows unimpeded airflow as they fill to capacity. Sealed when full, so no dust can escape into the air during bag removal and disposal. Recommended for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers.

Duo P Applicator

The patented integrated hose and ‘wand’ is able to reach into the tiniest corner to remove the dust. And both the Crevice and Upholstery tools are located neatly and securely on the vacuum allowing quick and effortless above the floor cleaning.

Technical Specs



Vacuum Motor 1300 Watt 1300 Watt
Air Flow 50 l/s 50 l/s
Filter Bag 5.3 Litres. 3-Layer 5.3 Litres. 3-Layer
Weight 7.5 kg 7.8 kg
Working Width 308 mm 378 mm
Brush Speed 2700 RPM 2700 RPM
Cable Length 10.0 m 10.0 m
Floor Adjustment Manual Manual




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